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UK Card Shows: MintKeeper

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About MintKeeper

MintKeeper is an online store offering a wide variety of high-quality accessories to help keep your collection protected. It’s a passion for trading cards and a hope to build a stronger relationship with our customers that has made us a fixture of the card show circuit.

UK Card Show experience

MintKeeper has been attending and sponsoring leading Card Show Events, becoming a familiar face amongst the exciting atmosphere of our country’s dynamic card shows.

It’s an exciting time to join the trading card scene. As attendance to these events grows across the UK, more enthusiasts than ever have been able to meet and trade with other collectors. Attendees love the ability to peruse a massive selection of raw, graded and sealed trading cards, and put faces to the names of fellow enthusiasts met through the online world.

We’d love to see more enthusiasts participating in these events, and we look forward to meeting more and more attendees year after year.

What is next for MintKeeper?

MintKeeper will be heading to the Manchester Card Convention on the 27th of May, the North West Card Show on the 3rd of June, and the Scotland Card Show 1st & 2nd of July.

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