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UK Card Shows: The Norfolk Card Show

Updated: May 22, 2023

The Norfolk Card Show | UK Card Shows

About The Norfolk Card Show

At The Norfolk Card Show we are looking to build an audience of collectors and vendors in the Norfolk area. We had a lot of help from @poke_idol and @hologengar to get the first show in motion and really appreciate all the help. The Norfolk Card Show is hosted by the team behind The TCG Show. We will be using the experience from our first show to make The Norfolk Card Show a fun event for everyone who attends.

The first UK card show from The Norfolk Card Show will take place at South Walsham Village Hall on 29th July 2023. We would love to eventually take the show to a bigger venue and hope to book something massive for 2024.

We have some fantastic vendors booked for our first show and look forward to announcing them all over the coming months.

How does The Norfolk Card Show compare to other UK Card Shows?

The Norfolk Card show is starting off smaller than some UK card shows with around 22 vendors and 200-300 guests. The main focus will be on people trading and playing TCG in-between purchases from all our fantastic vendors.

Where can people find tickets for The Norfolk Card Show?

UK Card Shows are acting as the lead sponsor for The Norfolk Card Show. Part of our sponsorship is being able to offer you a limited supply of discounted tickets which are available on our tickets section of the website. The tickets don't include any fees and start from just £1.50 per ticket with trade night tickets available for just £1.00.

Tickets are available on the Fatsoma website along with a full schedule of the day for our first event. Tickets start from just £3 (including Fatsoma fees). There will also be a trade night at the first event.

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